25 Apr 2014 Paris (France)


The workshop aims at presenting to a general scientific audience a review of interface problems in statistical mechanics, together with recent advances on the subject. It is open to students and researchers, with a format of long talks (one hour and a half) allowing for self-contained presentations including an introduction for the non-experts and a presentation of recent results.



Elisabeth AGORITSAS (LiPhy, Université de Grenoble)
   Disordered elastic systems & one-dimensional interfaces

Sebastian BUSTINGORRY (CNEA Bariloche, Argentine)
   Thermal rounding of the depinning transition

Alberto ROSSO (LPTMS, Université Paris Sud)
    Avalanche dynamics in complex systems

Elisabeth Agoritsas will provide a brief review on interfaces in random media together with a presentation of recent results on the directed polymer and its ties with the one-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) equation. Sebastian Bustingorry will introduce and review the depinning transition of driven elastic interfaces in random media and then present recent progress on thermal effects, with special focus on experimental results in ferromagnetic Pt/Co/Pt thin films. Alberto Rosso will propose a review on the dynamics of systems driven out of equilibrium in random media, and present recent results pertaining to the statistics of avalanches occurring for such systems, and to the modelling of earthquakes.



Registration is free but mandatory (for organizational purposes). Simply write an email with your affiliation to
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Registration deadline: April 24th, 2014


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